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1 Monument Drive, Princeton, NJ 08542 

The Following is a list that the Central Jersey Housing Resource Center (CJHRC) and Princeton put together in order to provide you with housing contact people for Mercer County.  CJHRC and Princeton are not responsible for any errors or omissions regarding the following:

East Windsor:  Contact St. James Village (609) 448-1460, Wheaton Point (609) 448-7738, East Windsor has rentals but they are restricted to low income senior citizens.  For information about Windsor Meadow Rentals call (732) 978-2639.

Ewing Township:  Contact Ted Forst for low/moderate housing (609) 883-1776, ext. 6203, Jeanette Spann, (609) 883-1776, ext. 6206, Fax (609) 883-3871.  They have one senior citizen rental high-rise, they accept applications ongoing to Park Place.  For more information you can also call Park Place at (609) 771-4392 for an application.

Hamilton Township:  Contact Sonja Walters, Piazza and Associates, (609) 786-1100, ext. 310 to purchase an affordable housing unit.

Hightstown Borough: Contact Sherry Cavanaugh Housing Authority, (609) 448-2268 or LynMarie Newman, (609) 448-2268, fax (609) 426-9440 for subsidized rental units.

Hopewell Affordable Housing Rentals:  Contact Abigail Waugh, Hopewell Valley Senior Services Coordinator, (609) 737-0605, ext. 692, fax (609) 737-1022, email:  Website link:

Hopewell - PCHDC Affordable Housing SalesContact Arnaz Yousafzai, (609) 924-3822 ext. 1113, email:

Lawrence TownshipContact J. Andrew Link, Division of Planning & Redevelopment, email, (609) 844-7087, Fax (609) 896-0412 regarding resale units and rentals.

Pennington Borough:  Contact Mary Mistretta, Housing Liaison at (609) 737-0276, Fax (609) 737-9780 regarding Pennington Point resale units.

Princeton Affordable and Griggs Farm Rentals:  Contact PCH Development Corporation, One Monument Drive, Princeton, NJ 08542 (609) 924-3822, ext. 1116, email  for application.

Princeton Housing Authority Rentals: Very low & Low incomeContact PHA, Marshell Williams, Administrative Assistant, email (609) 924-3448, Fax (609) 468-6806.

Princeton Affordable Housing Sales:  Contact Maureen Fullaway, Affordable Housing Coordinator, email (609) 688-2029 regarding resale units. One Monument Drive, Princeton, NJ 08542.

Robbinsville Township:  Contact Gail Pfister, Municipal Housing Liaison/Administrative Agent, (609) 918-0002 ext. 100.