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Financial Documents Necessary to Qualify

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Princeton requires documentation of income from all sources in order to qualify households for its Affordable Housing sales program. When you have your face-to-face qualification interview with the Affordable Housing Coordinator, please bring ALL of these documents with you. If you do not have them, please call 609-688-2029 before coming in for your interview.

  1. Documentation for ALL income from ALL sources:  Social Security, award letters, retirements and pension fund verifications, annuities, rental property income, business or partnership income, alimony, child support, public assistance, self-employment, etc., and the last 6 months of pay stubs, and, if requested, written documentation from your employer, for all working household members;
  1. Signed copies of complete Federal Tax Returns with W2s for the last three (3) years, for all household members who reported income;
  1. 6 months of complete statements for all bank accounts maintained by members of your household showing the most recent balance and percent of interest earned for savings (which include passbooks, Certificates of Deposit, money market funds, etc.), and checking accounts;
  1. Statements showing the most recent balance (or market value) and percentage of interest earned on all other assets accounts (e.g., investments in stocks, bonds treasury bills, mutual funds, etc.); 
  1. Documents showing the current market value of real estate and other capital investments, unpaid mortgages, loans, etc.;
  1. Documents showing the value of any trust; and
  1. Birth certificates or adoption certificates for all household members, and copies of driver’s licenses for all those who drive; and
  1. Court documentation of divorce proceedings that indicate custody agreements; and
  1. Documentation indicating permanent resident status of head of household; and
  1. Debt information:  last 4 months of ALL credit card statements, car loans, student loans and/or any other debt, including child support and alimony payments. 

If you have any questions, please call this office at 609-688-2029.

Christy Peacock
Princeton Affordable Housing Coordinator