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with amendments through November 2013

July 27, 2016 - Master Plan Committee Meeting:  Circulation Element

Master Plan Committee Meeting – May 23, 2016

Master Plan Committee Meeting – Feb 10, 2016 – draft Bicycle Plan material

9/17/15 Bicycle Master Plan Kickoff

Princeton Community Master Plan Housing
Element & Fair Share Plan 2015 - 2025

Third Round Princeton Affordable Housing 11-25-15 Revised Draft

The Master Plan was adopted by the Planning Board on 2/7/13;
attached please find the resolution and new cover page.  

Housing Element 12-12-2005
Borough Fair Share Plan
Township Fair Share Plan
Appendix A

With the October 18, 2007 adoption of its 2007 Reexamination Report, the Princeton Regional Planning Board has fulfilled its six year requirement to reexam the Princeton Community Master Plan pursuant to the Municipal Land Use Law.  The adopted 2007 Reexamination Report can be accessed with the link on this page.

2007 Reexamination Report - Adopted

Legal Notice of Adoption

Resolution of Approval

2001 Reexamination Report - Adopted.