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Chief Robert B. Tyrrell


A position requiring superior tact, discretion and wisdom is that of Robert B. Tyrrell, the popular and efficient head of the Police Department of Princeton. In the years of service, Mr. Tyrrell has devoted to this work, he has conducted himself in a manner that has won the respect of the good citizens. Everyone familiar with college life knows that the exuberance of spirits of boys sometimes leads to, and that a little restraint is sometimes necessary, especially when flushed with victory won over a rival college in a hot contest of international interest. As such times a friendly admonition on the part of the chief is invariable sufficient to lower the temperature of the most overheated, and quickly restore rising passion to a normal condition. Mr. Tyrrell was quick to recognize the importance and the benefits to be derived from an organization of Superior officers of the State and was one of the first to enroll his name among the membership.


Chief William Kilfoil



Chief William Rodweller



Chief Charles H. Meyers



Chief Edward W. Mahan



Chief John H. Smith



Chief Raymond Mondone






Chief Peter McCrohan



Chief McCrohan died Novenber 4, 2008, at the age of 95 years old. 
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Chief Michael F. Carnevale



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Chief Thomas B. Michaud became a member of the department in 1966. Chief Michaud came through the ranks and was appointed chief of police in 1991. He is a member of numerous boards, commissions and associations. Among them is the New Jersey State Police Chiefs Association (President), Mercer County Police Chiefs Association (Past President), Greater Princeton Division of the American Heart Association (President).  Chief Michaud retired in July 2001.


Chief Charles Davall joined the department in January 1980.  Chief Davall is a graduate of the 175th Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va.  Chief Davall received his bachelor's degree from Richard Stockton College of NJ in 1979 and his master's degree from New Jersey City University in 1989. He is also an instructor for the New Jersey Regional Community Policing Institute.

Chief Davall retired from the department on January 31, 2005, after a long and successful career.


Chief Anthony Federico, Badge #83, was appointed Chief on February 1, 2005.  He joined the Princeton Borough Police Dept. in January 1980.   Over his career, he has worked as a patrol officer, patrol sergeant and operations lieutenant and Captain. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Dayton in 1976 and he is a graduate of the 184th session of the FBI National Academy

Regretfully, Chief Federico passed away suddenly on 6/28/2009, while still holding the office of Chief of Police. Chief Federico proudly served the department for 29 years.