NJAW Projects

  1. Loomis Court
  2. Dodds Lane & Baker Court

Current Status

NJAW's contractor, JAS Group, will begin excavating small “test holes” around each home's shutoff valve near the curb the week of 2/6/23.  This work is a pre-requisite of the overall project in order to verify the condition and material of each service line (lateral) between the main and the shutoff valve.  NJAW will be placing notifications on residents' doors on 2/2/23 and 2/3/23.  Princeton and NJAW will be scheduling a neighborhood pre-construction meeting before the end of February.

Project Overview

In March 2023, New Jersey American Water will begin a project to replace the aging 6” water main on Loomis Court with a new 8” water main as part of the New Jersey American Water Company's 2023 Capital Improvement Program. This project is being undertaken to improve water service reliability, water quality, and improve water volume to hydrants for firefighting purposes. More information will be distributed to the residents of Loomis Court containing all the details of the project prior to the project commencing.