Trash Carts

Residential households with 1-4 dwelling units are eligible for municipal solid waste collection. Those eligible households will receive one (1) 64-gallon trash cart. With this cart program, only trash in the municipal-owned cart(s) will be collected. Loose or bagged trash that is not in the cart will not be collected.

Residents in need of smaller or additional trash cart may visit the Municipality’s website to request a new cart. Smaller 32-gallon trash carts are free to swap. An additional 32 OR 64-gallon cart will also be available for an annual fee. 

The 64-gallon trash carts are 43.25” tall, 24.5” wide, and 27.5” deep. The 32-gallon trash carts are 37.63” tall, 19.13” wide, and 21.06” deep.

For more information and detailed cart specifications, please visit IPL’s website.

Additional cart requests will begin in March 2023.

Broken or Damaged Cart?  Swap for a smaller size?

  • Online - coming soon!
  • Email:
  • Phone: (609) 688-2566

Request a Second Cart - with an annual fee, residents may request one additional cart per household.  The program will be made available after March 1, 2023.

  • Online - coming soon!