Rental Housing Inspections

The Bureau of Rental Housing Inspections is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Princeton Housing Code and the Princeton Rental Registration Regulations.


Responsibilities include:

  • Housing and/or fire-related complaint investigations within residential rental properties
  • Inspection/maintenance programs
  • Investigate "quality of life" issues
  • The issuance of Rental Housing Certificates of Compliance
  • Rental property inspections


Our mission is to perform fair, standardized, comprehensive inspections of Princeton residential rental properties in order to preserve the housing stock, eliminate health and safety hazards, promote high property values, and continue to make Princeton a desirable community to reside in.


All one and two-family residential rental units in Princeton must be registered and receive an inspection of both exterior and interior areas every two years to ensure compliance with the Princeton Housing, Maintenance, and Zoning Codes.

Scheduling an Inspection

Our staff will notify owners when inspections are due.  Inspectors may only perform inspections in the company of the owner or designated agent of the owner.  Every attempt will be made to coordinate these inspections during a mutually agreed upon date and time.  A minimum of 24 hours' notice shall be given to the primary occupant of each of the rental units by the property owner and/or the designated agent, informing them of the scheduled date and time of the inspection, which averages between 30 to 60 minutes per unit.

Inspection Fees

Inspection fees will be invoiced after the inspection has been completed.  Inspectors are not permitted to take cash or checks during inspections.  A Rental Housing Certificate of Compliance will be issued when all fees have been paid and no violations are noted, or all noted violations have been abated.


Additional information is available by calling 609-454-4756