Disposing of Fire Extinguishers

If you need to dispose of a household fire extinguisher please consider taking your fire extinguisher to a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection program. View Mercer County's Recycling and Hazardous Materials page for more information.

Steps to Depressurize the Fire Extinguisher

If you cannot attend an HHW collection program you may put it in the trash provided that you release any pressure contained in the canister by shooting a small amount into a trash bag. Next let the canister sit for a few days, making sure the pressure has been released. Once you are confident there is no longer any pressure, dispose of in a trash bag in your regular garbage.


If there is any question of how to dispose of a fire extinguisher, either pressurized or not, contact the Department of Emergency and Safety Services at 609-497-7637.