Princeton Mosquito Control

Mercer County is a generally low lying area sitting on the inner coastal plain adjacent to the Delaware River. Mercer County has one of the more diverse, urban/rural settings in New Jersey and has large areas that have the potential to breed mosquitoes. These areas need to be addressed as effectively as possible to control mosquitoes and the viruses they can spread. One of the best ways to control a pest over a large area is by approaching the area as area-wide integrated pest management. These areas include:

  • Farmland
  • Home yards
  • Sewer plants
  • Stormwater facilities
  • Wetlands (primarily freshwater)

Pest Management

Integrated pest management is an approach that focuses on multiple sources to control a pest; while area wide tries to group it all together and get everyone working at once. Mercer County Mosquito Control, which is operated under the Mercer County Division of Transportation is the lead agency overseeing mosquito testing, control, and education for Princeton.


Mercer County Mosquito Control employs four proven control techniques:

  • Biological Control-The use of other animals (fish, insects, bacteria, etc.)
  • Chemical Control-The use of pesticides
  • Cultural Control-Education
  • Environmental Control-Reduction of breeding habitat


For more information on mosquito control please visit the Mercer County Division of Mosquito Control page. You'll be able to find information on the following:

  • Current happenings
  • General information
  • Inspection requests
  • Pesticides/products used
  • Publications
  • West nile virus information
  • What you can do


For complaints regarding standing/stagnant water in Princeton, please report it here or call Access Princeton to report the problem.