Retail Food Program

The Princeton Health Department conducts unannounced and sometimes announced inspections of all retail food establishments in Princeton. These inspections are conducted by trained Public Health Professionals with college degrees who are also licensed New Jersey Registered Environmental Health Specialists.

These establishments include, but are not limited to:

  • Bakeries
  • Catering facilities
  • Delis
  • Institutions
  • Mobile units
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Temporary events


  • Restaurant Inspection Reports

What Inspectors Evaluate

While on site, inspectors focus on evaluating foodborne illness risk factors and interventions, focusing on regulations set forth in Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments - New Jersey. Risk factors are improper practices identified as the most common factors resulting in foodborne illness, while interventions act as control measures to prevent foodborne infection.


Specific interventions include:

  • Good retail practices are also evaluated
  • Knowledge of food safety principles by the person in charge like:
    • Approved food source
    • Food temperature controls
    • Prevention of cross contamination of food
    • Proper handwashing
  • Receiving and food storage:
    • Chilling
    • Cooking
    • Hot and cold holding and reheating
  • Safe food and water sources, cleaning and sanitizing procedures, insects, temperature controls, and physical facilities

Operating Requirements

If you are interested in opening a retail food establishment in Princeton an application is required. Construction permits, change of owner permits and other licenses may be required based upon your specific situation. For more information regarding retail food establishment regulations and proper operation, please contact the Princeton Health Department 609-497-7608.