Master Plan

Princeton is currently conducting a public engagement process for a new Master Plan. 

UPDATE 11/21/23Frequently Asked Questions About Princeton's Community Master Plan (PDF)

UPDATE 11/28/23: Planning Director's Master Plan Hearing Recommendations Memo (PDF)

The 2023 Master Plan and Reexamination draft document can be accessed as a PDF by clicking the links below:

-2023 Princeton Master Plan and Reexamination Draft (PDF)

-2023 Princeton Master Plan and Reexamination Draft Appendices (PDF)

Here is also a compressed version of the draft plan at about one-third the file size of the original draft: 2023 Princeton Master Plan and Reexamination Draft Compressed Version (PDF)

To sign up for updates, see upcoming events and follow along with the process, please visit our Engagement Hub at 09.08.22_Princeton WebsiteGraphic Opens in new window

1996 Princeton Community Master Plan

Adopted - February 7, 2013

Amendments through June 18, 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Strategic Overview (PDF)
  2. Goals (PDF)
  3. Land Use Element (PDF)
    1. Land Use Map (JPG)
  4. Future Housing Policies (PDF)
    1. Appendix A - 2008 Fair Share Plan (PDF)
      (Note, this is a 40MB PDF document. Download to read.)
    2. 2020 Amended Housing Plan Element and Fair Share Plan - Third Round (PDF)  
  5. Circulation Element (PDF)
    1. Maps A (PDF)
    2. Map B1 (PDF)
    3. Map B2 (PDF)
    4. Map C (PDF)
    5. Map D (PDF)
    6. Appendix B1 (PDF)
    7. Appendix B2 (PDF)
  6. Utility Service Element (PDF)
    1. Wastewater Management Map (PDF)
    2. Appendix E (PDF)
    3. Appendix E2 (PDF)
    4. C1 Borough USGS Location (JPG)
    5. C2 Borough Roadways (JPG)
    6. C3 Borough Wellhead Protection Areas (JPG)
    7. C4 Borough Groundwater Recharge (JPG)
    8. C5 Borough Steep Slopes (JPG)
    9. C6 Borough Wetlands (JPG)
    10. C7 Borough Waterways (JPG)
    11. C8 Borough DRCC Review (JPG)
    12. C9 Township USGS Location (JPG)
    13. C10 Township Roadways (JPG)
    14. C11 Township Wellhead Protection Areas (JPG)
    15. C12 Township Groundwater Recharge (JPG)
    16. C13 Township Steep Slopes (JPG)
    17. C14 Township Wetlands (TIF)
    18. C15 Township Waterways (TIF)
    19. C16 Township DRCC Review (TIF)
    20. Appendix E3 (PDF)
  7. Communities Facilities Element (PDF)
    1. Map - Community Facilities (PDF)
  8. Open Space and Recreation Element (PDF)
    1. Open Space, Recreation, and Conservation Map (PDF)
    2. Appendix C - Open Space Inventory (PDF)
  9. Historic Preservation (PDF)
    1. Historic Zoning District Map (PDF)
    2. Appendix D - Additional Historic Preservation Criteria and Standards (PDF)
  10. Conservation Element (PDF)
  11. Policy Statement of Plan Relationships (PDF)
  12. Green Building and Environmental Sustainability Element (PDF)


Housing Element - Appendix A

  • Supporting documents for Appendix A are on file in the Planning Office for Review.

Circulation Element - Appendix B

Open Space Element - Appendix C

Historic Preservation Element - Appendix D

Cover Page

View the Cover Page (PDF).