Planning Instructions, Applications & Checklists

The Planning Board's new applications and checklists have been created to allow applicants to enter the required information, then print and/or save the documents. You would then be required to make the appropriate copies of the material as required in the checklists. We are hoping this will aid your processing of the applications prior to submission. The instructions for each application remains the same, the only difference is that you will now be able to prepare the applications and checklists directly from your computers.

We have provided PDF copies of the outside agency review applications. Unfortunately, these are several years old and you will need to contact those agencies for any updates as they were not able to provide it to our office at this time. If you are having difficulties with any of the Planning Board's applications or checklists, please contact Kerry Philip

For your knowledge and use when completing your applications and checklists, please also see the "Invasive Species Do Not Plant List" recommended by Council and the New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team's "2020 Do Not Plant List."